Attending JumpStart- Part IV

Attending JumpStart Is So Important!

Attending JumpStart and you are probably ecstatic about it!  But just in case you need some extra excitement here’s a few tidbits you will be part of:
By attending JumpStart you will
Watch the fourth installment of First Financial Security’s “Importance of Attending Jumpstart” series.

Attending JumpStart,  First Financial Security, business booster

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First Financial Security JumpStart: Not Some Stuffy Corporate Seminar.

Past attendees know that First Financial Security’s JumpStart is not some stuffy corporate seminar. It’s a two-day bonanza of team-building energy (whooooosh!), master class-style instruction, and fresh company roll-outs that will have you jumping up and down! Don’t forget the enticing vendor booths, contests, and interactive multimedia, which are bound to further impress and captivate JumpStarters this coming January!

rst Financial Security JumpStart Crowd Silhoettes