Every January, the First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) Headquarters’ Staff welcomes the Field Leaders of First Financial Security, Inc. to JumpStart.

This annual gathering of Leaders allows Leaders to meet the Headquarters staff, meet and learn from Preferred Carrier professionals.  This event is also an opportunity  to meet and learn from each other, sharing ideas and business experiences.  At JumpStart, you can also meet and learn from First Financial Security, Inc’s leadership team.  JumpStart is also where FFS recognizes our Leaders for their outstanding performance. JumpStart sets the stage for the explosive growth of the coming year and is vital to your success!

JumpStart is an event designed to learn more by training, motivating, and cultivating qualities and skills among entrepreneurs to ensure their success.

JumpStart also serves as an opportunity for First Financial Security agents to collaborate and share their business experiences.  This makes it one of First Financial Security’s most popular and efficacious events.JumpStart Quote Paula Duncan  Welcome to everyone from the newest FFS agent to the award-winning leader.  All attendees of JumpStart alike can refine, revolutionize, and jumpstart their careers.