Gearing Up for First Financial Security’s JumpStart 2014

First Financial Security is hard at work to ensure JumpStart is an event attendees won’t soon forget. This time, we’re amping up the social media presence, bringing out the best of the best teaching material, and sending the motivational overtones into overdrive.

First Financial Security JumpStart Business PresentationBut don’t forget to register—this is one event you can’t afford to miss!
First Financial Security JumpStart Registration

First Financial Security, JumpStart, and Your Career.

Is your business succeeding, or excelling? Are you increasing, or expanding? Is your career rising, or accelerating? JumpStart will take you to the next level. JumpStart will take your career to new heights.
JumpStart Taking Career to New HeightsExperience world-class training seminars, connect with FFS leaders, and benefit from career-ascending motivation that can only be found at First Financial Security’s JumpStart 2014.


First Financial Security JumpStart: Not Some Stuffy Corporate Seminar.

Past attendees know that First Financial Security’s JumpStart is not some stuffy corporate seminar. It’s a two-day bonanza of team-building energy (whooooosh!), master class-style instruction, and fresh company roll-outs that will have you jumping up and down! Don’t forget the enticing vendor booths, contests, and interactive multimedia, which are bound to further impress and captivate JumpStarters this coming January!

rst Financial Security JumpStart Crowd Silhoettes

First Financial Security: Enjoy a Better Tomorrow by Maximizing Today

As Thomas Jefferson famously advised, “Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”

Don't wait for tomorrow The time is not tomorrow, but today to prepare yourself for JumpStart. Register. Invite new recruits. Be proactive about your career! First Financial Security is an opportunity for a better tomorrow by maximizing today.

You Can Change The World: First Financial Security JumpStart 2014!

Not only is your attendance at JumpStart 2014 a career changer, it’s a world changer.

Changing the World One JumpStart at a Time First Financial SecurityThe FFS crusade is leading the industry towards positive and meaningful change. Put simply, First Financial Security is serving the underserved.

Maximize your ability to create a better life for yourself and others by experiencing world-class training at next year’s JumpStart.

You can change the world, one JumpStart at a time.

First Financial Security’s New Social Media Page!

As  discussed in this blog post, social media is a fun, easy, and innovative way to jumpstart your business. It increases FFS exposure, drives leads, and boosts online reputation.


Now, you can stay updated and informed by visiting  the new social media page at! Many of First Financial Security’s social media outlets can be explored there.

First Financial Security Social Media Page Button

As we head into JumpStart 2014, use the hashtag #JS14 on social media to connect with other agents and spread the FFS message.


Have fun exploring the many possibilities social media has to offer you and your business!

A Different Experience: JumpStart 2014

To be a better FFS agent, a better helper of families, and a better entrepreneur…try something different.First Financial Security Different Isn't Always Better but Better is Always Different

JumpStart 2014 will bring a totally unique convention experience in beautiful Orange County, California. First Financial Security is already revved into high gear to create a fresh atmosphere, complete with exciting new themes, graphics, music, topics, and teaching materials. JumpStart promises to deliver an improved, distinctive, and fun affair.

Be better.  Try something different. Attend JumpStart.

First Financial Security: A Difference that Truly Counts

Do you want to be a top leader in FFS…to be in business for yourself but not by yourself…to live freely as an entrepreneur…to create a better world for families?

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Well, what are you doing about it? How are you maximizing your difference?

By attending First Financial Security’s JumpStart 2014, you will make a difference that truly counts.

How Can You JumpStart Your Business With First Financial Security?

Social media is a fun, easy, and innovative way to jumpstart your business. It increases FFS exposure, drives leads, and boosts online reputation.

First Financial Security JumpStart Your business with Social Media #JS14

Feel overwhelmed? No need to worry! Setting up your own social media account is designed for simplicity and user-friendliness. You can share content via First Financial Security’s many social media channels! FFS utilizes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and much more. Find them on the Social Media tab of this blog!  Also, see our  new social media page!

As we head into JumpStart 2014, use the hashtag #JS14 on social media to connect with other FFS agents on social media. Who knew jumpstarting your business could be such a fun social activity?

Do you believe in the First Financial Security Crusade?

If you believe in the First Financial Security crusade, lead with the crusade. Experience the crusade. Join the crusade.

Join the FFS Crusade at Jumptart 2014Crusaders will be joining together as an FFS business-building force, January 10-11 at First Financial Security’s JumpStart 2014.


Be where your beliefs are.  #FFScrusade #JS14

Be the Sticker! Attend First Financial Security Jumpstart!

First Financial Security Race For SuccessA sprinter joins FFS, doesn’t attend events, and leaves.

A sticker joins FFS, attends every event, and sticks with FFS.

The sticker outlasts the sprinter.

Stick with First Financial Security and you will lead the race for success. Take advantage of the training and business-building opportunity of JumpStart. Be the sticker! Register now!