Why Unstoppable?

“Unstoppable” Selected as Theme for Financial Services Provider Opening Event of New Year

Momentum is on First Financial Security, Inc.’s side. During the past 12 months, the Atlanta-headquartered financial services company has seen measurable growth in its business categories. The organization has debuted new marketing, branding and messaging strategies. And, as FFS begins its second decade of successful operations, it has embarked on an ambitious and noble cause to bring financial education, empowerment and entrepreneurial opportunities to all people.

That’s why “Unstoppable” is the perfect theme for First Financial Security, Inc.’s JumpStart 2016, the organization’s kick-off event for the New Year.

The Unstoppable theme is actually an extension from the previous year’s event – “Inevitable.” The 2015 JumpStart event explored the ways that the organization had positioned itself to achieve “inevitable” success. In addition to the accomplishments outlined above, First Financial Security has filled key executive positions in the home office, made good on its commitment to innovate on all levels, and put into place programs that would not only invigorate the company, but would allow it to realize its goal to change the face of insurance.

First Financial Security, JumpStart 2016, changing the face of insurance,

As First Financial Security, Inc. celebrates its 10th successful year of operations in 2016, the organization continues to be an unstoppable force for positive change in the financial services industry.  The JumpStart 2016 event will set the tone for the year ahead, providing First Financial Security representatives with a first look at the direction, programs and services, and materials that will roll out in the coming months.

Preregistration is one of the best ways to ensure that First Financial Security leaders and their teams have a prime spot to experience all the excitement of JumpStart 2016. To register for the event and reserve a hotel room, go to www. ffs-leaders.com today.

First Financial Security, Inc. associates are encouraged to come back to this website – www.JumpStart.com – often to learn more and to get the latest updates about the 2016 event.

First Financial Security – JumpStart 2015

JumpStart 2015 was a game-changer with Five HUGE announcements from First Financial Security:first financial security, annual event, jumpstart 2015, norcross, Georgia,

JumpStart 2015 was a standing room only, full house, jammed with amazing announcements listed below!

1.  New Vision & Mission statement

2.  New Corporate Website

3.  Leaderships Convention Theme – Changing The Face Of Insurance

4.   Private-labeled Financial Literacy Curriculum

5.  Lastly – A Second Proprietary Product: Life Scope

Below is a sneak peek of one of the most exciting events in First Financial Security’s history!

First Financial Security, Inc has grown to be a diverse premier financial services company.  They strive to meet the needs of middle American families with financial planning, financial education, retirement planning, life insurance and an amazing business opportunity.  For additional information, visit their website here.

A Different Experience: JumpStart 2014

To be a better FFS agent, a better helper of families, and a better entrepreneur…try something different.First Financial Security Different Isn't Always Better but Better is Always Different

JumpStart 2014 will bring a totally unique convention experience in beautiful Orange County, California. First Financial Security is already revved into high gear to create a fresh atmosphere, complete with exciting new themes, graphics, music, topics, and teaching materials. JumpStart promises to deliver an improved, distinctive, and fun affair.

Be better.  Try something different. Attend JumpStart.

First Financial Security: A Difference that Truly Counts

Do you want to be a top leader in FFS…to be in business for yourself but not by yourself…to live freely as an entrepreneur…to create a better world for families?

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Well, what are you doing about it? How are you maximizing your difference?

By attending First Financial Security’s JumpStart 2014, you will make a difference that truly counts.

Do you believe in the First Financial Security Crusade?

If you believe in the First Financial Security crusade, lead with the crusade. Experience the crusade. Join the crusade.

Join the FFS Crusade at Jumptart 2014Crusaders will be joining together as an FFS business-building force, January 10-11 at First Financial Security’s JumpStart 2014.


Be where your beliefs are.  #FFScrusade #JS14

Be the Sticker! Attend First Financial Security Jumpstart!

First Financial Security Race For SuccessA sprinter joins FFS, doesn’t attend events, and leaves.

A sticker joins FFS, attends every event, and sticks with FFS.

The sticker outlasts the sprinter.

Stick with First Financial Security and you will lead the race for success. Take advantage of the training and business-building opportunity of JumpStart. Be the sticker! Register now!

Direction of Your Dreams: First Financial Security JumpStart 2014

Do your dreams take you to a higher level of success? Would those dreams benefit from industry-leading training and mentorship?

First Financial Security FFS Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams
If you can answer those questions with a confident “yes,” then you can go confidently in the direction of your dreams with First Financial Security’s JumpStart 2014.

First Financial Security JumpStart & Teamwork

First Financial Security runs on teamwork.

First Financial Security Teamwork Success Quote

(The task? Saving the American Dream.
Multiplication of success? FFS Business Building System.)


The First Financial Security team impressively spans across the US & territories. JumpStart is an opportunity to bring members together, as any team requires for optimum efficiency and focus. JumpStart is the place to cultivate the prodigious teamwork of FFS!