First Financial Security – The Power Of JumpStart

The Power Of JumpStart

JumpStart is an AMAZING time for First Financial Security’s field leaders to get inspired.  

It is also a place to learn what new things are happening for the new year, and learn from other leaders.  JumpStart is inspiring, it is exciting, it is a place of learning.  JumpStart is also a place to share experiences, and it is a place to JumpStart your business.  At JumpStart, outstanding performance is also recognized through awards and honors.  CEO of First Financial Security, Phil Gerlicher, calls JumpStart an “inspiration buffet”.

First Financial Security offers a business opportunity like no one else.

This opportunity can bring in an additional stream of income, and allows you to work from home.  There are always people looking for a career change and FFS offers that opportunity for many people.

JumpStart 2013 Collage

View our 2013 JumpStart highlights and hear what some of our leaders have to say!  You might also be interested in viewing more of our videos on the First Financial Security YouTube Channel.

See you at the TOP!

First Financial Security – JumpStart 2013 Highlights

First Financial Security JumpStart 2013

First Financial Security Highlights from JumpStart 2013.

First Financial Security, Inc’s January Training in Orlando Florida.

What is JumpStart and why attend?  Visit First Financial

Some inspiring words from JS13:

Great Leaders inspire others to act!

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Some of you will be transformed, and you’ll never be the same again!

JumpStart 2013 was

  • Unbelievably amazing!
  • Super exciting!
  • Super informative!
  • Super supportive!

See the Highlights reel below!